Service Providers


Self-Insurance Program Administration

PLAN JPA contracts with Bickmore to handle the day-to-day operations of the JPA.

  • 800-541-4591
  • Rob Kramer, Administrator, ext. 19117

York Risk Services Group

Liability Claims Team

Cynthia Gordon, Unit Manager
Tiffany Roduit, Sr. Liability Adjustor
Jeff Rogers, Sr. Liability Adjustor

  • 925-349-3916;
  • 925-349-3878;
  • 925-349-3915;

York Risk Services Group

Workers' Compensation Claims

Jennifer Gorgen, Sr. Claims Examiner
Julie Long, Unit Manager

  • 916-960-0962;
  • 916-746-8896;

Alliant Insurance Services

Brokerage Services

Seth Cole, Sr. Vice President
Dennis Mulqueeney, Sr. Vice President
Stacey Weeks, Vice President

  • 415-403-1419;
  • 415-403-1421;
  • 415-403-1448;


Third Party Claims Administrator

LocalGovU offers over 100 courses specific to the needs of governments. Contact us for PLAN grants.


Association of Bay Area Governments

ABAG was created by local governments to meet their planning and research needs related to land use.