Service Providers


Self-Insurance Program Administration

PLAN JPA contracts with York Pooling to handle the day-to-day operations of the JPA.

  • 800-541-4591
  • Jon Paulsen, General Manager, ext. 19154


Liability Claims Team

Cynthia Gordon, Unit Manager
Tiffany Roduit, Sr. Liability Adjustor
Jeff Rogers, Sr. Liability Adjustor

  • 925-349-3916;
  • 925-349-3878;
  • 925-349-3915;


Workers' Compensation Claims

Jennifer Gorgen, Sr. Claims Examiner
Julie Long, Unit Manager

  • 916-960-0962;
  • 916-746-8896;

Alliant Insurance Services

Brokerage Services

Seth Cole, Sr. Vice President
Dennis Mulqueeney, Sr. Vice President
Stacey Weeks, Vice President

  • 415-403-1419;
  • 415-403-1421;
  • 415-403-1448;


Third Party Claims Administrator

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