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A description of the programs for PLAN JPA can be found below along with access to more information or resources

Pooled Liability Program

The Liability Pool provides Comprehensive General and Auto Liability coverage for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury, and Public Officials Errors & Omissions. Members may select a deductible and premium level that best suits their needs for cost and financial stability.


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Pooled Property Program

PLAN added property coverage in 1988 through a self-insured Property Pool and traditional insurance. The Property Pool pays the first $100,000 of any insured loss, less the member’s deductible, and a comprehensive insurance policy pays for any covered losses exceeding that amount. The Property Pool includes Flood, Boiler & Machinery and Auto Physical Damage coverage for member vehicles, including high-value specialty vehicles such as fire trucks and street sweepers.

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Risk Management Grant Program

PLAN advances risk management principles and practices among its member cities and towns by helping members effectively manage risk through loss exposure identification and loss control.  Our Risk Management Department works closely with the Claims Department and each member to review past experience, current exposures, and emerging trends to tailor an effective program aimed at preventing claims. To assist our members with their loss prevention needs, we provide personalized consultation, education and training, risk assessments, property appraisals, contract reviews, and other services as needed. We help members manage their resources by providing matching grants to purchase safety equipment or implement safety programs.

Members are eligible for premium-funded grants ranging from around $2,500 to $48,500 to fund their risk management program.

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