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Pooled Liability Assurance Network Joint Powers Authority (PLAN JPA) is a joint powers insurance authority consisting of 28 member cities in the San Francisco bay area. Members of PLAN JPA collectively share the risk of self-insured losses and purchase a broad range of risk management services including, but not limited to program administration, accounting and finance, claims administration, risk control, loss prevention, actuarial services, training and education, and legal services to support the shared risk programs.

Originally created in 1986 by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), PLAN was formed as a non-profit public benefit corporation to assist member communities that were struggling to obtain affordable liability insurance. PLAN has since transitioned to a joint powers insurance authority and is no longer directly affiliated with ABAG.

PLAN JPA is currently administered by Sedgwick staff under the direction of a Board of Directors, comprised of its member cities.

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