Shared Agency Risk Pool (SHARP)

Since 1986, SHARP (Shared Agency Risk Pool), a Workers' Compensation risk sharing pool, is designed to provide small to medium-sized municipalities and agencies the benefits available to larger self-insured entities.

How does the Pool Work?

Workers’ Compensation rates in California have skyrocketed and are expected to continue rising. Policies are being canceled and the market is restricting, leaving public agencies few choices. Thus more small and medium-sized agencies are turning to pooling as way to control their costs.

Members contribute to the Pool to pay claims up to $250,000. SHARP participates in an excess pool to pay claims above $250,000, with re-insurance also purchased for all members. Claims are administered by Sedgwick on behalf of the members.

Pool Benefits of SHARP

Pooling gives SHARP members the benefits of primary coverage and the flexibility of self-insurance without the added expense of a traditional insurance company.

Better Pricing

More Control

More Predictability

The End Result

Interested in Membership?

If you represent a small to medium-sized public agency with a good loss history and are looking for an alternative to the traditional insurance market, then reach us to complete a brief application form and provide at least five years of loss and payroll information.

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